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Nellie H. Steele lives in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with her family and her many furbabies. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys teaching Statistics at a local university or watching her dogs and cats play in the yard.

Nellie and Riley from The Secret of Dunhaven Castle stop by Caton's Corner!

Watch Nellie's first TV Interview on CUTV's Caton's Corner!

Nellie is the author of the Cate Kensie Mystery Series, a cozy mystery series following the adventures of Cate Kensie and her dog, Riley as they navigate their new lives in their Scottish highlands castle.  She is the creator of the Shadow Slayers series, a suspenseful series with a supernatural twist!  Follow the Shadow Slayers through time as they fight to banish the darkness from the world.

Later this year, Nellie will debut her new adventure series, the Maggie Edwards Adventure series.  Follow Maggie Edwards as she travels the world solving mysteries and finding unique treasures!

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