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What is a Murder Mystery Game?

Spice up your party or get-together with one of our Murder Mystery Games!  Our games are designed to encourage interaction between your guests.  Assign characters to your guests before they arrive. The game consists of three rounds and each guest receives "cue" cards for each round.  These clues provide information for each character's tasks and talking points for the rounds. Everything you need to play the game is included.  However, feel free to add other party games between rounds, dress in characters, and/or add props.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be an actor to play?
    Nope!  You'll be given tasks to complete in each round.  It's up to you how extravagantly you decide to play your role!

  • Will we be reading from a script?
    No.  The game is designed to be interactive and allow you to follow a loose set of guidelines rather than a strict script.

  • Can I add mini-games to my murder mystery?  How many?
    Yes!  You can add as many as time will allow for your party.

  • Where can I find mini-games for my party?
    Google "party games" to find a variety of fun party games to add to your party!

  • Will I need anything beyond the game file to play?
    You do not need anything beyond the game file to play but you may add props and other party games for more fun!

  • What if I have questions?
    Contact us via email or our Facebook messenger!

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