Personalized Signed Copy - Shadows of the Past

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Personalized, signed copy of The Secret of Dunhaven Castle by Nellie H.Steele. Please indicate the name you would like your book made out to and any special message you'd like Nellie to include! Makes a great gift!

Book Description: When a disturbing recurring nightmare plagues Josie Benson, she finds herself unnerved, rattled to her core, even during her waking hours.As her health and well-being begin to deteriorate, her friends push her to seek help.Josie finds all sources of help useless until a mysterious man appears, providing support and promising answers.Her friends and family object to her involvement with the stranger, but she finds herself drawn to him even though his explanations do little to explain the mystery haunting and tormenting her.

Her bold actions bewilder not only her friends and family, but Josie herself.Who is this mystery man and can he really return normalcy to her life?From small town New York to the rocky coast of Maine, can Josie discover the secrets that lurk in the shadows of her past?

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