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The world’s their oyster…until someone is stabbed with their shucking knife.

With a struggling pearl party business, sisters Kelly and Jodi Silverman are thrilled to land a weekend long jewelry party at a large, gothic estate. But Kelly’s ready to head for the hills from the moment she sees the gargoyles on the roof and the weeping woman fountain out front.

A nasty storm strands them at the spooky mansion. And when the birthday gal is found with Kelly’s shucking knife poking from her chest, they’re not only stuck in the creepy house with a murderer roaming the halls but Kelly’s accused of the crime.

Can Kelly and Jodi piece together the limited clues, prove their innocence and stay alive? Or will this pearl party be their last?

If you love comedy mystery a la Clue, you’ll love Murder of Pearl, Book 1 in the Pearl Party Cozy Mystery series!

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Inheriting a sprawling mansion is a lucky break, right? Unless it comes furnished with dangerous, deadly secrets.

Thrilled to move to the massive, inherited mansion, the Silverman sisters plan to kick their pearl parties up to a new level. The first event shifts from fun to frantic for the duo when a guest goes missing and the others are stranded by a snowstorm.

Add a pool of blood, a missing billiard ball, and a bloody knife, and the stranded guests are pointing fingers Kelly and Jodi’s way. With their reputations on the line once again, the sisters will have to sort through hidden connections, secret relationships, and even ties to the Russian mob to find the truth.

Can Kelly and Jodi sort fact from fiction and find the missing guest?

If you love witty banter between reluctant heroines, you’ll love Book 2 in Nellie H. Steele’s Pearl Party Mysteries.

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