Pearl Party Cozy Mysteries

Murder of Pearl

Pearl Party Cozy Mysteries Book One

Begin the cozy mystery series that will have you trading sleep for one more chapter!

Beneath the grandeur of her newly inherited castle, ancient secrets and peril await.

Down-on-her-luck history professor, Cate Kensie, is thrilled to be thrust into a world filled with family history after a startling inheritance. Nestled in the heart of the misty Scottish Highlands, where ancient legends and modern living collide, rumors and dark tales swirl about Cate’s new castle.

Cate finds her once peaceful, private life upended by hidden secrets and puzzling enigmas. Driven by her passion for history and an insatiable curiosity, Cate embarks on a journey that not only unravels the mysteries but transforms her into a formidable sleuth. Guided by a cryptic note from her predecessor, she deciphers veiled clues and generations-old secrets. With each step, Cate is drawn deeper into a web of intrigue that not only risks her own safety, but the fate of a hidden legacy that could reshape history.

As the mysteries of the past beckon, will Cate find answers or become the castle’s next piece of history?

Combining cozy mystery a la Murder She Wrote with the time-bending suspense of Doctor Who, this series will have you eagerly trading sleep for another chapter.

Join amateur sleuth Cate Kensie as she unravels the mysteries of the Scottish Highlands in this enchanting cozy mystery series. Buy now to begin your adventure today!

Mayhem in the Mansion

Pearl Party Cozy Mysteries Book Two

Inheriting a sprawling mansion is a lucky break, right? Unless it comes furnished with dangerous, deadly secrets.

When a snowstorm strands guests at Kelly and Jodi’s first-ever weekend pearl party in their new home, they find themselves smack dab in the center of another mystery. Events shift from fun to frantic when a guest goes missing.

Add a pool of blood, a missing billiard ball, and a bloody knife, and it doesn’t take long before guests are pointing fingers Kelly and Jodi’s way. With their reputations on the line, the sisters will have snap into amateur sleuth mode to sort through hidden connections, secret relationships, and even face the Russian mob to uncover the truth.

Can the Silverman sisters get to the bottom of the mystery or will it be curtains for these two?

If you love witty banter between reluctant heroines, you’ll love Book 2 in Nellie H. Steele’s Pearl Party Mysteries.

Buy now and dive into the mystery today!