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If Paige isn’t careful, her new job could land her in an early grave.

Paige Turner’s zero-balance bank account demands she take on a new job, but she never expected it would be as Shadow Harbor’s newest librarian. Now the unlucky orphan is learning it’s not books she’ll be shelving…but magic. Dark, dangerous, deadly magic.

Her new position requires she keep the supernatural subworld at bay while retrieving and archiving magical artifacts from around the globe. If she fails, the world may just be doomed…but even trying could get her killed.

Teaming up with a snarktastic teacup dragon doesn’t seem to be helping, either. Paige still struggles to master magic and shelve supernatural secrets. And when her first assignment involves massive multiplication of a group of wayward werewolves, she fears the world may not survive her tenure as librarian.

Fans of The Librarians and Warehouse 13 will love this enchanting new cozy contemporary fantasy series.



She solved one case, but now she’s marked…and she’s being hunted.

Paige Turner has solved her first case as Shadow Harbor’s newest paranormal librarian, but she’s still fighting for her life from the fatal beast mark. And on top of that, she’s facing a new enemy and a powerful new magical weapon that can tear the world apart. Literally.

When the shrieking pixies set their sights on the wand of division, the world faces a danger like never before. And as the incurable beast mark on her back slowly kills her, she’ll have to fight against her own body and the magical underworld with the help of her teacup dragon partner. Will Paige find a way to keep the world safe from the new threat or will she succumb to her own illness first?

Fans of The Bureau of Magical Things and The Librarians will love this adventure-laden contemporary fantasy series.

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